Welcome to the Terry Sewell website where you will be able to browse through his many pages that will give you an insight of both the person and the prolific writer that he has become.

From a very early age Terry dreamed of becoming a writer and due to an unhappy childhood found comfort in the written word where he found a beautiful place of escape from all his worries and stresses. A place where nothing was impossible and everything possible via his thoughts and a pen.

He writes both adult and children's fiction, though he recently wrote his biography...
entitled: The Barsham Boy which has had some very good reviews. Since self-publishing his very first book entitled: The Battle of the Reds and the Greys in 2016, he has become a prolific writer of both fiction and poetry. Indeed, he is now a recognised prize-winning poet which he has achieved over the last few years.

During his journey as a writer Terry has been a guest speaker at local libraries and schools where he has also created workshops in hope of inspiring all ages of students to take up reading and discovering the beauty of the written word.