Welcome to the Terry Sewell website where you will be able to browse through his many pages that will give you an insight of both the person and the prolific writer that he has become.

From a very early age Terry dreamed of becoming a writer and due to an unhappy childhood found comfort in the written word where he found a beautiful place of escape from all his worries and stresses. A place where nothing was impossible and everything possible via his thoughts and a pen.

He writes both adult and children's fiction, though he recently wrote his biography...
entitled: The Barsham Boy which has had some very good reviews. Since self-publishing his very first book entitled: The Battle of the Reds and the Greys in 2016, he has become a prolific writer of both fiction and poetry. Indeed, he is now a recognised prize-winning poet which he has achieved over the last few years.

During his journey as a writer Terry has been a guest speaker at local libraries and schools where he has also created workshops in hope of inspiring all ages of students to take up reading and discovering the beauty of the written word. 

Barsham Girl I remember a girl... I fancied always hoped... she'd fancy me dreamt of kissing her... in the grass or against the Great Oak... by the cemetery I imagined her close... to my body feeling her heart... against mine wishing one day... we might marry be together... all the time. © Terry Sewell 2020 Photo by James Bold on Unsplash

The Barsham Boy...News

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Word Art Wizardry

Poetic Vibes

A rhyme of Mine

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I wrote this after a dream:

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The People's Princess

I still grieve for you don’t know why when nighttime falls stars shine I see your eyes twinkling bright you gave us… such delight a certain charm never doing any harm even on your darkest night remembering that smile your grace how you dressed in beautiful gowns of lace shining a light onto a troubled world you became our world our girl the fairy tale Princess nothing less giving hope to the world was what you did best but when the press turned it on you our angelic heart we waited with bated breath as your world fell apart our Princess of hearts… torn apart in a love of deceit by a cheat how could they treat our lady Dianna this way to suffer so much until finally… one day in a traffic accident Dianna passed away leaving all of England in tears to this day for the people's princess. © Terry Sewell 25/05/2020

True Love

True love has no boundaries no equivalent nothing to supersede... such fervour stays... with every beat of your heart... forever more. © Terry Sewell 14/06/2020 Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

Poetic Reminiscent childhood days

The beautiful days of the child

I wrote this poem after watching a news report on the demise of woodlands around the world

Ruby thought she had everything, but did she?

The Poet Fabled mind naked soul two of a kind one in all saturated dreams of fairytale heart poetic love for beautiful word art captured visions pictures in the head some of today some dead a compilation of feeling and dreams from life's rich travesties precious things secrets confessed of love and pain from happiness not easy to gain a wizard of poetic word master bard undeterred to write unheard free verse. © Terry Sewell 01/08/2020 Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

In Memory of The Bridge Down Patch Lane



BOOKS ARE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS: A PAST EVENT WORLD BOOK DAY 2019 I AM PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE: THE EXCITING BOOK LAUNCH OF BULLY FOR YOU AT FAKENHAM ACADEMY WAS A HUGE SUCCESS: The East Anglian Wizard of Words Terry Sewell and his special guest Norfolk's budding thriller Queen Ali Carter talked to the students of Fakenham Academy about the precious values of the written word, both in reading and writing...followed by a book launch of Bully for you, with all book sales going to the St. John’s Ambulance Charity. ON THE 25TH JUNE 2019: 09.am CLICK ON THE ARROW TO SEE ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER READING HER FAVOURITE BOOK: THE BATTLE OF THE REDS AND THE GREYS:


Ideal for every school classroom or child's home library: Many thanks for posting your stories to the Children's Story category in the Yours2Read platform. They are excellent! So well written with an engaging, well paced style to all of them. Grammar, syntax, punctuation- points which are all too often overlooked by authors at the expense of the reader's enjoyment- are flawless.

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The East Anglian Wizard of Words Terry Sewell having his Poem read on The Dear John Show Entitled: Lost Love which was compared with E.E.Cummings the prolific American Poet:

House of Christmas

The old house on the hill- looks dark… dismal, with snow lying frozen- on its roof, unlike forty-years, ago- just where I’m now stood, icicles hang like stalactites- from the gutters all around, as the morning chill-factor- bites my bones… as I hear a familiar sound, it’s the gate- rotted now, yet still- it creaks and bangs, on the ground, scattered all about, rusty pots and pans- in the open- now derelict house, everything is smashed inside, unlike the day I moved in- with Bernadette my bride, the house was all shiny new- with all we ever dreamed, a time when life stood still… well, that’s what it seemed, I never thought- life was so short, never dreamed I’d feel… such pain, as I walk inside- the place I love… nothing seemed the same, mold and damp-filled the air… of once- a lovely domain, no sign of Bernadette’s vase- made from Crystal glass, or the diamond Bracelet- that never fit… no questions asked- I paid its price… but then she simply- lost it, it was just before she died, how she cried unable to find it… anywhere, but as I stand- on the broken floorboards… there’s something shining here, to my surprise- before my eyes… its Bernadette’s jewelry box, a bit of a mess- but none the less… diamond sequins- still embossed, opening up its lid- there’s nothing there… but a tiny note inside, words I wrote- some time ago… that having read-I just cried, it said… I loved you the day we met, Bernadette my dream come true, I’m yours always and forever… my whole life through. John xxx With eyes glazed, I was amazed- at the covered furniture… still in the dining room, awaiting my collection- but nowhere to store it… over the road- in the home, several strewn books- lay across the floor… in serious need of attention, pages opening and shutting- by a breeze… that’s getting my attention, almost… like an accordion, less… it's magical sound, a rusted yellow toy truck- one wheel missing… lay on the ground, unwanted- yet once so loved, upstairs looks bare and empty- but for an old trunk… which remains intact, Christmas decorations- perfectly preserved… in a thick-lined sack, pictures too- of the family… I still love and miss, from that very special time… of sheer bliss, I remember it- like yesterday- chestnuts roasting on the fire, the family and relations- forming a merry choir, a Christmas tree stood- with decorations all around… everyone singing carols- to my pianos sound, such festive magic- once upon a precious past… at the house of Christmas, in a time… that went too fast. © Terry Sewell 11/05/2020 Sharing content 1763233-2560x1440-[DesktopNexus.com] (2) made with Kapwing Video made on Kapwing

An Eve of Guilt

Based on a true strory

Stefan left off early to get to his mothers house, where his troubled brother had been staying all week after finally being discharged from the mental institution which had been his shambolic home for the last five years. It was Christmas Eve and his mother had put Gary's presents from all the family inside a nice festive bag she'd especially bought for her recovering son. Stefan was running a little late time wise, and virtually greeted his mum with a kiss and goodbye, to usher Gary out and into his work van. Stefan chatted constantly to Gary on the twenty mile journey to his new flat in the city where he was about to make a fresh start in society. Stefan felt really happy that his baby brother was finally out of that awful place where he had received electric shock treatment, abuse and years of mental torture. The snow had started to fall heavily as Stefan pulled up outside the new flat, having handed his brother the bag of presents, he wished him a happy Christmas by giving him a big hug with a tear in his eye. Gary begged Stefan to just quickly go in to look at his flat, but he refused the offer by making the excuse that he just didn't have the time. Stefan could see the sadness in his eyes as he drove away with Gary stood waving him off in the snow, holding the bag of presents in his other hand looking a very lost and lonely figure. Stefan felt quite guilty leaving him there like that, but had been under pressure to get home to his wife and baby. Two days later there was a knock on the door of Gary's house. Two policemen stood side by side with solemn expressions upon their faces. Stefan instantly felt a sick sense that something bad had happened to his brother. The officers confirmed his suspicions with the grave news that they had reason to believe a body they had found in the river around the city was that of Gary's which had been in the water since Christmas Eve according to the pathologist. They had expected no foul play in believing it was a terrible accident or an act of suicide. As Stefan was the last person thought to have seen Gary alive, they needed to question him for routine investigations. Stefan felt shocked by the news, but managed to answer all the relevant questions that the officers asked him. Once they seemed satisfied with Stefan's account, they asked him to go with them to identify Gary's body. Stefan walked into the cold atmosphere of a dingy room with nothing but a bed with a sheet over his departed brothers body. He drew the sheet away to which Stefan's heart sank and eyes just stared in disbelief of it all. He took his right wrist remembering the time he had took him to the tattooist to have mum and dads names and the Manchester United logo done on it, the skin was ice cold. Stefan then told him how sorry he was for not having gone in to see his flat, and how he regretted that with all his heart. Stephan blamed himself in believing it was his fault his brother was dead. After wiping his tearful eyes Stefan kissed his brothers frozen cheek goodbye. A year later, on Christmas Eve the snow began to fall heavily as Stefan reversed the national mind van with Simon's belongings in the back, waiting to be dispatched with him into his new flat onto its drive. "You coming in for a look Stefan? "If you've got the time? "the recently discharged youngster asked, "All the time in the world mate." © Terry Sewell 06/06/2019 Picture: Courtesy of Scott Webb/unsplash


Terry Sewell & Annabella Ainsley

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08DBW1542 5.0 out of 5 stars Very different for this Author. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 August 2020 Verified Purchase This is very raunchy with a good plot that keeps you guessing until the last page. Definitely adults only and well worth a read

THE BRIDE: Coming Next Year...

Who would have thought that this time last year I was faced with such trauma, but it's all okay now, I've got Rodger and everything is going to be alright... isn't it?

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Christmas time so divine carol singing dancing yet don't forget we mustn't let the meaning to be everlasting so glory to the newborn babe a prince of peace for all Hallelujah praise the lord for love throughout the world remember then in Bethlehem Jesus Christ was born wise men three shepherds on knees for a king of kings new dawn so deck your halls and all your walls in a glittery glorious array in honour of our God our soul on every Christmas day. © Terry Sewell 2020 Image by Michaela Wen